Round 8 of CAPSIM and Assess Company Performance

Complete Round 8 of CAPSIM and Assess Company Performance


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Round 8 of CAPSIM and Assess Company Performance
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This is the final CAPSIM round. You have made decisions up to this point that have had an effect on the organization in terms of HR, Finance, Marketing, R&D, Production, Total Quality Management, etc. and now it is time to make your final decisions to see whether the company is financially better off than when you took over in year 1.

Once you have completed Round 8, complete the Financial Measures Template. Select a different financial measure from prior week(s), and then write one to two paragraphs describing how that financial measure is created (e.g., ROS=Profit/Sales) and cite your source, its value to the firm, and how your performance compares with the competition and over time.

Length: 1-2 paragraphs: See directions in the Financial Measures Template.

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