Learning Reflection

Compose a 3-paragraph reflection. Each week you will write a learning reflection; some general guidelines for the 3 paragraph weekly reflections are as follows:

Choose one or two main concepts or ideas presented in the reading and other weekly material (video, podcast, etc.) and reflect upon how the materials that you engaged with this week strengthened, broke-down, challenged or changed some (or all) that you thought you knew about the main concepts or ideas.
It is expected that in your three-paragraph reflection(s) you will communicate connections that you made between your previous knowledge of the concepts/ideas, assumptions about the concepts/ideas, personal experience with the concepts/ideas and the information presented in the assigned course materials.

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Learning Reflection
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One way to write these reflections is to critically assess then communicate your responses to the following questions:
What was the learning goal for this week? How did the materials this week help you achieve this goal?
What did you learn about the main concepts/ideas presented in the materials this week?
As you engaged with the material this week, did you learn something about yourself, your assumptions, your family, community, or society?
How will you use what you learned this week as you move forward in your career, educational pathway, and/or social life?
Weekly reflections should be typed in 11 or 12 pt. font, with one-inch margins, be three complete paragraphs in length and include proper in-text or end-of-text citations (MLA, APA or Harvard style).

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