Critical Thinking Essay

There are two essay topics from which to select: Stereotype Inoculation and Concept Creep. Each article has an associated commentary. References for each primary article and commentary article appear below.

The critical thinking essay assignment is as follows:

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Critical Thinking Essay
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· 1.) Review the primary article in no more than 2 pages.

· 2.) Present two issues and/or arguments being raised in the commentary article.
o Be sure to link how these two issues and/or arguments serve as
counterpoints to, or modify the points in the original article.

· 3.) Based upon your experience and understanding of the differences between the two issues/arguments you discussed, complete the paper by proposing some suggestions for future research/analysis that could help better understand or resolve these differences.

· 4.) Essay length is not to exceed maximum of 5 pages.

I iiI have already selected the articles that will be used which will be attached on the next screen.

Es Essay doesn’t have to be five pages and sources are required but there is no minimum or maximum number required.

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