Universal Rights Violation

Write a 2-3 page narrative from a RESEARCHED global perspective of someone whose Universal Rights have been violated. What is a day in the life of your chosen person? How have his/her rights been violated? How does that particular right differ in developed nations/other parts of the world more fortunate? Include additional pages (2-3) of research used in your narrative.
CHOOSE: A topic from Human Right Watch,​http://www.hrw.org/topics ​ Read all five articles (or four articles plus a video documentary) and gather a page of research to use in your narrative (must be included as a last page in your Final). What information can you integrate into your narrative? You might also gain information from the following site: http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/

GATHER RESEARCH: Include all 5 articles (+ links to those articles) in the information page. *Below the article links, summarize the articles and include specific information that would enhance your narrative. You may include a written account of why you picked that specific information to include in your narrative.
WRITE: You must write a FIRST person narrative from the perspective of a person in your chosen topic. For instance if you choose “Street Children” as your topic, your narrative might be from the perspective of a street child in maybe Greece or Uganda. If your topic is “Trafficking of Women and Children,” your narrative might be from the perspective of a woman or child who has been exploited. Create an interesting and compelling story based on your research.
FORMAT: MLA including a Works Cited page. Include a small photograph below the title. Write a 2-3 page narrative +* 2-3 extra pages of research + 1 MLA page for a total of 5-7 pages.

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Universal Rights Violation
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