The 1970s :Prelude to Conservatism

Below is 5 different prompts. Each prompt should be between 200-220 words each one. I will paste a source below that can be used if you would like. Other sources used should be scholarly sources.

1. What is meant by the term “Nixonomics,” including wage and price controls? What was the overall effect of Nixon’s economic policies on the United States? Explain.

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The 1970s :Prelude to Conservatism
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2. What was “Watergate” and how did it affect U.S. politics? Explain.

3. Describe Nixon’s China Policy. What was its significance to the Cold War?

4. What was the energy crisis? How did it come about and what was the U.S. response to it? Discuss.

5. What was the Iranian Hostage crisis? How did this crisis reveal the foreign policy weakness of the Carter administration? Describe the circumstances surrounding the release of the hostages. What are some possible lessons that the United States could learn from this experience? Explain.

Address to the Nation Announcing Conclusion of an Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam – January 23, 1973

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