Sales Letter

This is the requirement of the first question

How can a writer motivate action in a sales letter? Give an example. List five or more topics that an organization might feature in a media release. Create a sample media release.

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Sales Letter
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  • Working independently/pair/group, post a short summary of the assigned work.
  • One team member posts the answers on behalf of the entire team.
  • Ensure all team member names and the title are included in your forum post title.
  • Answers in your post must be between 250 to 350 words in length.
  • Posts are due before class on Monday.
  • The day after content has been posted, each student must review all the posts and submit a reply.
  • Replies are due by midnight the day after Monday class.

Evaluations Rubrics are below:

Group Post

Answers are accurate and relate to course material 2
Well Written: Grammar and vocabulary 1
Professionalism: Organization and formatting 1
250 to 350 words in length 1
Proper referencing and citation 1


Reply is insightful and expands on current knowledge 1
Reply demonstrates an understanding of course content 1

This is the second question requires pictures and text to explain the second question

Franchise Discussion Forum

We are going to ask students to post a franchise which is not operating in their geographic area.

As a reminder, you need to consider franchises which are not currently open in your chosen geographic area, so it is likely you are researching new or growing franchises. So investigating McDonalds or Burger King won’t work… but perhaps Nurse Next Door will if it is not in your area as of yet.

You are likely now wondering, what do I post? To help you out:

1. Post the name of the company you would like to open and why.

2. Post links to the franchise information.

3. The reason you are considering this franchise, why you think it would be successful, the strengths and weaknesses of the franchise and so forth.

2. Offer feedback or ask questions about other people’s franchises they are investigating.

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