Position Essay

After reflecting on the various categories that fall under pop culture, select an issue related to pop culture on which you have a clear position. In a writing of 1,200-1,500words, explain and defend that position. The issue should be reasonably arguable. That means that a position on the importance of monitoring young children’s Internet use is not appropriate for this assignment because nobody could reasonably argue against that position. You also want to avoid dead or tired topics such as violence in video games. However, a more debatable and fresher issue, such as the social value of memes, would be appropriate.

The purpose in this assignment is to persuade; that can mean anything from convincing the target audience completely to moving the audience slightly closer to your view or to simply stirring in a willingness to consider your position as valid. Imagine that your audience doesn’t completely disagree with you but is slightly skeptical of your position. Imagine why/how a person would be a bit skeptical and present your reasoning accordingly.

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Position Essay
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This is not a research essay as the argument should be rooted in your own logic and reasoning. Research, if included, should be fairly minimal and properly cited according to APA style.

Bear in mind as well that you’ll have to present the same position in my next major assignment, the Visual Argument. You will not be able to pick a new topic for the Visual Argument assignment, so choose something that will maintain your interest.

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