Political module

This assignment will cover the readings for Module 12. For this assignment, you will need to answer the questions listed at the end. Please answer the questions in order (numbered) and in complete sentences. You do not need to write the question, but include the question number. DO NOT copy/paste part of the textbook/readings. Please answer the questions in your own words.

Readings covered in this assignment:

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Political module
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American Government (AG) Ch. 16 (link to book https://openstax.org/details/books/american-government-2e
Democracy for the Few (DFTF) Ch. 4(attached in files)


1.Looking at AG section 16.3, describe one of the following three programs: Social Security; Medicare; Medicaid.

2.Looking at AG section 16.5, describe all of the following terms: progressive tax; regressive tax; excise tax.

3.What social/economic issues seem to be the most pressing today? What explains this?

4.Do you believe that the government should provide guarantees to people, such as a wage below which no one should fall below, or having a home, access to food, health care, etc.? Why or why not?

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