Medical or Surgical Conditions

You are required to complete three article reviews this term. Your review should be approximately two pages and no longer than three full pages. The the original article must also be copied and pasted at the end of the review and does not count towards your 2-3 page requirement. Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, medical or surgical conditions, infectious diseases, genetics, medical research, drugs, or nutrition. Your source must be from a periodical – a magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc..). Examples include Time, Scientific American, Newsweek; or websites dealing with news and or science news.

In your review, you must include the title, author(s), source, publication date, synopsis, your comments, and the overall significance of the article – “Why should we read this or care?” not “What I learned from reading this article.” Grammar and spelling count. A copy of the original article, link to the original article, and full APA citation must be submitted with your review.

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Medical or Surgical Conditions
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The article is to be evaluated on its own merits based on the information given. Do not regurgitate the article. Do not quote from the article. Put ideas or concepts into your own words. Separate fact from opinion. Evaluate the source and whether bias is present. Also consider the following:

● Is the article well written, with minimal technical jargon?

● Who is the target audience?

● Did the author(s) properly cover the main points according to that audience?

● Should the article be more in-depth?

● Are all viewpoints or sides presented in the article?

● Are names of researchers, organizations and experts given in the article?

● Are tables, figures and statistics supplied in the article to convey data?

● Are references provided in case readers want more information?

● If you were the editor of this article, what suggestions and critiques would you have?

Your comments should constitute approximately one-half of your review. You are welcome – and encouraged – to submit a draft, but it must be submitted at least one week prior to the due date.

Sample reviews are attached for reference. They are not necessarily perfect, but exemplify solid, detail-oriented reviews that meet the assignment requirements.

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