Health Law PowerPoint

For this project you will be selecting one of the ethical dilemmas below and preparing a PowerPoint presentation

  • You will need to research the topic using peer-reviewed sources (see below).
  • You will discuss both sides of the issue. What are the pros and cons of each possible choice?
  • When discussing the possible choices in resolving the ethical dilemma, use what you think are the appropriate ethical theories from pages 16-18 in your textbook. State what theory or theories you are using, why you are using those theories, and how you are applying them. You will need to do this for both the pro and con side of your discussion.

PowerPoint Presentation Requirements

  • Title Slide, with the title, student name, date, and course (1 slide) (just put the Title I can fill in the rest)
  • Introduction to the ethical dilemma (1-2 slides)
  • Pro arguments with ethical theories being applied (2-3 slides)
  • Con arguments with ethical theories being applied (2-3 slides)
  • Any images are labeled and properly cited and referenced. [See “Designing a PowerPoint in APA Format” below for more information]
  • A proper APA formatted reference list (1 slide)
  • Record a 4-10 minute PowerPoint presentation with your narration uploaded to the dropbox for grading. What you are doing is making a presentation, only you are recording it for me to view later. You do not need to show your face. You will simply be talking with your slideshow.

JUST make powerpoint voice over notes on the slides I will do the actually voiceover. Basically what needs to be said about each slide made.

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Health Law PowerPoint
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ethical theories are- utilitarianism, duty-based, rights-based, justice-based, virtue-based

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