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1. Two transport technicians are in an elevator. A physician is standing in the corning texting on his phone. The physician is aware of the two technicians. One tech. says to the other, “You should have seen the patient I took to the mental health unit yesterday. She had curlers in her hair and said that aliens were communicating with her through her curlers”. The second tech. laughed and said, “You should have asked her if the aliens landed in area 51”.

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Explain your answer
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2. An RN was searching through the electronic medical record at the hospital in which she worked. A co-worker came up and asked what she was doing. The RN replied, “My husband had his blood drawn a couple days ago, and I wanted to see what his results were”. Is this a HIPAA violation? Explain your answer.

3. Dr. Smart called the unit and asked the nurse to look up the patient’s current EKG results. The nurse notices that Dr. Payne is the physician assigned to the patient. Is this a HIPAA violation? Explain your answer.

4. Although the staff have been efficient and frequently attempting to meet the high demands of the patient, the patient has been complaining of the nurses each and every shift. The charge nurse talks to the nurse manager about the situation. Is this a HIPAA violation? Explain your answer.

5. A homeless woman and her 14-year-old daughter have been living on the streets for years. A man attempts to rape the daughter. The mother tries to stop the man. The man stabs and kills the mother. The daughter, fearing for her life, runs without looking where she is going. She is hit by a truck. On arrival to the hospital, the girl is intubated, and resuscitative efforts are implemented. After two days, it is determined the girl is brain dead. Unable to find next of kin, can the girl be made an organ donor? Explain your answer.

6. A woman who has a history of chronic back pain and has been using opioids for over 10 years, has been admitted with a stroke. Unable to understand what is said to her (receptive aphasia) or reply (expressive aphasia), the woman cannot tell the nurse if or when she is having pain. The patient can use her non-dominant hand. The doctor orders a PCA (patient-controlled-analgesic) pump. The family keep pushing the button to dispense pain medication. Is this an ethical dilemma? Explain your answer.

7. The 78-year-old patient has bone cancer with metastasis to the liver. The patient does not want extra-ordinary measures implemented in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest. He wants to be a DNR. The family says he is depressed, and he should be a full code. Is this an ethical dilemma? Explain your answer.

8. A patient who is a poor historian, fails to tell the staff he is allergic to iodine. When the patient has a CT scan with contrast, the patient goes into antiphallic shock. Before the patient can be intubated, the patient dies. Is this an ethical dilemma? Explain your answer.

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