Ethical & Regulatory Considerations

This assignment would be the workup for a future last assignment- an Evidence-Based Report.

Instructions for this week-
Take a closer look at the three articles that you will be using for your Evidence-Based Report (chose articles from the reference page attached, it can be the same articles used last assignment. What ethical considerations had to be addressed prior to beginning the research? Explain for each article using the following guidelines:

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Ethical & Regulatory Considerations
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(PICO question) also attached.
a. Briefly describe the study you have chosen. (each article)

b. Identify the ethical considerations completed as part of the study. An example could be the use of a consent form.

c. Identify and explain which ethical principle each of the considerations noted above in section b is attributed to or are reflective of. For example, the use of a consent form speaks to the ethical issue of autonomy. Explain how the characteristic (from section b) is linked to the ethical principle noted in section c.

Note: Do not use more than one review article for this assignment. This assignment will be more beneficial if you work with reports of single research studies.

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