Ethical Leadership: Ratan Tata and India’s Tata Group

Read Case 10—“Ethical Leadership: Ratan Tata and India’s Tata Group” on page PC4-5 in your
textbook and answer the following questions:
IMPORTANT NOTE: This Ethics Paper is very important and it constitutes a significant portion of
your grade. Be sure to thoroughly review the case and research more details on your own to be able to
provide comprehensive, detailed answers citing examples from the case, textbook, and outside
resources. Answers to each of the questions should reflect your full understanding of the concepts and
details of the case. Use of relevant examples and appropriately-cited sources is encouraged. Each
answer should be well developed and written to comprehensively address the question and the
concepts it relates to (fully developed paragraphs/one page in length for each question).
1. Is corruption a normal part of business?
2. Corruption is often linked to the qualities of a particular country and society. Are some
countries more corrupt and prone to crony capitalism than others? (what is crony capitalism?)
3. What is your opinion about the Tata Group: What role did ethical leadership play in the success
of the group?
4. What do you think of Ratan Tata’s leadership? Do you think that Ratan was able to carry
forward the legacy of the Tatas in letter and spirit?
5. What should Ratan Tata do to ensure that the group carries forward the legacy of ethical
leadership of the Tata Group and does not view it as a burden while operating in emerging
markets like India?

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