Essay 3 assessment

Write a 4-5 page essay that explains how your writing throughout the semester has implied values or ideas that go beyond your surface message and why these implications are important for fully understanding your work. Instead of thinking about what your essays say directly, think about how you say it and how you present your argument and evidence. You can use outside sources if you wish, but it is not required. However, I will require you to use specific examples from your own work to support your discussion.

What to avoid:

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Essay 3 assessment
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Try not to just list off all the things you might have implied. Instead, focus on a few of your implications and how they work together to reveal something about your own growing awareness of rhetorical techniques, your assumptions about your audience, or your own biases or privilege.

Important details:

4-5 pages (1200+ words), double spaced; 1-inch margins

12-point Times New Roman font

MLA format. For this particular essay, if you only cite your own essays, then you do not need a works cited page.

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