Environmental Policy and Regulation

ENVS 200, Analytical Environmental Health Research Paper Assignment

The Assignment: Research and write an analytical paper on an environmental health issue in which the relationship between another factor is explored. This relationship must be supported by credible scientific research. All sources used must be from credible sources. At least two of your sources must be from peer-reviewed publications.

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Environmental Policy and Regulation
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Analytical paper: An analytical paper requires a Research Question in place of a thesis statement. The research question should be answering a HOW or WHY question.
➢ You are required to use in-text citations. At minimum three in-text citations.
➢ All citations (including quotes) MUST include attribution to the original source.

Topic: Environmental Policy and Regulation

“Essential of Environmental Health”, by Robert H. Friis, 2nd; ISBN: 978-0763778903; published by Jones & Bartlett Learning, 5 Wall Street, Burlington, MA 01803

Length: 4 to 6 pages. No more & no less. (This does not include a list of sources)
Font: Times New Roman, 12pt.
Line Spacing: Double spaced
Accepted Format: APA only

Research Question Examples:

How do the effects of ____ influence ____?

How does ____ relate to ____?

Why is ____ an issue in relation to____?

Why is there a relationship between ____ and _____?

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