Environmental Issues

Choose a current environmental event which has been covered in the media. Examine media messages depicting different environmental perspectives on the event and write a critical analysis using the appropriate rhetorical theory. Not only do you need to include details about the environmental event, you will also need to include a minimum of 3 peer reviewed academic journal sources from Galileo plus 2 credible news outlets to support your opinions to receive full credit. Discuss how media shapes public perception of the environmental event and scientific facts are “debated” in the media. APA format 6th edition format required. 3 – 5 pages (not including cover page or references page). Demonstrate that you are thinking critically about how media shapes human understanding of environmental issues. If you wanted the opportunity to be political, this is your change by including the role of the government regarding the environmental event and public perception.

Great barrier reef third mass bleaching event in five years. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

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Environmental Issues
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