Reflection Paper: Beijin , Shangahi , Taipei

Choose a linking topic ( of the three cities) a write a reflection paper on that topic

****Please link to current class reading ( Beijing , Shanghai , Taipei )

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Reflection Paper: Beijin , Shangahi , Taipei
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LINK to MOvies watched this week :

Go Grandriders

Suzhou River
part 1:

part 2:

Assignment: Every other week you will write a reflection paper evaluating the reading material, and the film/s assigned for the previous and current week. You should not try to cover all the material; rather select one or two elements you find particularly interesting and talk about it/them.
Choosing a clear focus will help you write an effective report because you must do more than merely summarizing.

Research: Please make sure to look up secondary sources and for the films/documentaries to find the information about the director, and any other information you deem useful for someone reading your papers.
Purpose: This assignment is designed to help you evaluate and understand how cities developed, how similar and how different the development is in each of the East Asian countries, and how society affects the cities and vice versa. Moreover, it will help prepare and decide which topics you want to select for your midterm and final papers.

Audience: You are writing your reflection papers to show to your Professor and classmates how a specific gender issue in East Asia relate to your personal experiences and shape your understanding of class-related material. You must maintain an academic tone and your paper must still be thoroughly and cohesively organized.

Reflection Papers should be singled spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point size font, 750-1000 words.
– Do not forget to cite your sources (minimum of 3), or you will get point deductions. You cannot list websites as sources. Remember: movies and videos are also sources. If the source comes from a website, you must cite them correctly.
To learn how cite internet sources:

Guiding Questions: Respond to the following six (6) questions:
1- How does X, Y, Z (pick topic) affect the development of the city you are discussing?
2- What similarities X, Y, Z (same as question 1) show with other cities/countries/Miami?
3- What differences X, Y, Z (same as question 1) show with other cities/countries/Miami?
4- How does X, Y, Z (same as question 1) work globally?
5- Provide examples for 1 through 4 from the reading and or movie for each.
6- How does X, Y, Z (same as question 1) relate to you/your life?
** To understand how to write a reflection paper:

(Links to an external site.)

Due Dates:
Please check the course schedule for deadlines. Reminder: Upload them to Turnitin before midnight on Saturdays.

Points Possible:
0- didn’t turn in, plagiarized or Minimally acceptable performance, demonstrating at least partial familiarity with the subject matter and some capacity to deal with relatively simple problems, but also containing deficiencies serious enough to make it inadvisable to proceed further in the field without additional work.
1- turned in but didn’t follow guidelines and Inadequate performance, demonstrating an inadequate understanding of the subject matter, lack of ability to handle relatively simple problems, and inadequate preparation for moving on to more advanced work in the field.
2- turned in but didn’t follow the guidelines and Adequate performance or followed the guidelines but the performance is inadequate, demonstrating an adequate understanding of the subject matter, an ability to handle relatively simple problems, and adequate preparation for moving on to more advanced work in the field.
3- turned in & followed guidelines Good performance, demonstrating capacity to use the appropriate concepts, a good understanding of the subject matter, and an ability to handle the problems and materials encountered in the subject.
4- Exceptionally good performance, demonstrating a superior understanding of the subject matter and skillful use of concepts and / or materials. Clear thesis statement, each paragraph has a clear focus that relates back to the thesis statement, clear examples from the readings and films illustrate the points made, the conclusion is a call for action not a mere summary of the paper. Grammar is clear, there are no misspellings, proper names are capitalized, paper has a title that reflects its thesis statement, sources have been cited in accordance to MLA, or APA style requirements. Furthermore, all formatting requirements have been followed.

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