Physical Evidence Documenting

Assignment Scenario

You are a Crime Scene Investigator and you are dispatched to a burglary call. The owner of a residence reported she had returned home from work and discovered that her home had been burglarized. You discovered forcible entry to a window at the rear of the residence. There was blood on the broken glass and signs of a fingerprint on the window pane. As you conduct a basic walkthrough to determine that the suspect(s) have left, you noticed only the master bedroom had been ransacked. A mirror had been removed from the wall with a smudge on the glass and the TV had been placed on the bed with a hand print on the screen.

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Physical Evidence Documenting
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Your assignment is to document only issues relating to physical evidence.
• Write a report explaining your investigation and how you will process.
• Collect, transfer, and document the evidence at the scene.
• Provide detail all the way to your presentation in a criminal trial.

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