LexisNexis news database

Using the LexisNexis news database, in the UF AEB 2014 LibGuide (Links to an external site.), or any other popular but vetted news source (i.e., not Wikipedia or a Blog post), search for and select a current (within 1 year) online news article (directly or indirectly) related to a scarce resource issue of concern affecting our economy, such as: agribusiness/food supply chain, international trade, our nation’s income (GDP) or national debt, or changing consumer prices (Inflation).

1. A one-paragraph (Links to an external site.) summary of the article indicating WHAT the article is about and Underline & Bold the ONE (1) sentence that best states HOW the article relates (directly or indirectly) to agriculture or food.
2. A one-paragraph (Links to an external site.) summary of your own perspective of WHY the article topic is important to consider as it relates to economic decision-making. Include at least one quantitative data point from the article in your paragraph that best supports your statement and Underline & Bold this ONE (1) sentence (be sure that this sentence is able to stand-alone as a statement of WHY you believe the article topic is important for economic decision-making; the reader should gain understanding from this thesis sentence).
3. Provide a source citation(s) of your news article & data source(s) or statistic(s) (using APA style)
4. Write one question that you still have after reading the article you selected.

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LexisNexis news database
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