Implementing interventions to reduce falls

The project focuses on a need of the unit/ agency where you practice. It is a demonstration of how you have mastered the process improvement and evidence-based professional practice content grounded in the nursing process based on evidence from previous courses. The project will be presented in a scholarly paper that includes the following:
• Brief Description of the Practice Setting
• Clear Definition of the Management or Leadership Problem
• Significance of the Problem for nursing practice
• Review of the Literature Related to the Problem (supported by peer reviewed references)
• Proposed Interventions to Address the Problem – include alternatives and why you chose one intervention over the other (supported by peer reviewed references)
• Resources required to implement – personnel, equipment and fiscal, stakeholders, regulatory/ legal components
• Potential Barriers and how to overcome
• How you will evaluate your intervention -Specific, Measurable Goals or Outcomes – includes timeframe and how you will measure them. Include any results if implemented and available. Use SMART goals
• Impact of the Proposed Interventions – anticipated if not implemented completely
• How will you disseminate your results after completion of the project?
• Conclusion
APA formatting should be followed in the paper. Clear and concise writing is critical to presenting your thoughts. The paper should be 8-10 pages excluding title page, references, and any appendices (if used) Include any handouts, PowerPoints that you might use in presenting and implementing the paper. These will be considered appendices.

I will upload information on the initial proposal for the project and the instructors recommendations.
The paper is centered around interventions to reduce falls that I was supposed to be implementing on my unit. Through out the semester I was writing discussions centered around the proposed project. I will attach as it will give you a better idea of what to write on and my writing style. This paper is more like a creative paper as I was unable to implement anything on my floor due to Covid. The interventions I was supposed to implement were every shift fall risk assessments and hourly rounding.

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Implementing interventions to reduce falls
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