Ford Motors Company

You will prepare a 10-12 page paper on the publicly traded firm of your choice that is operating in the international business environment, not including appendices, table of contents, abstract, references, and bibliography.

Your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your research paper. Turnitin is a service that checks your work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of web pages, student papers, and articles from academic books and publications. Ensure that your work is entirely your own and that you have not plagiarized any material!

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Ford Motors Company
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This paper is required to be prepared and consistent with the current APA Manual and will have a minimum of ten different references (No Wiki’s or Pedia’s). Some of the bibliography and references will most likely come from the firm you have chosen: source documents, e.g., annual reports, and financial statements. As such, this reduces the need for peer-reviewed sources. However, peer-reviewed sources are still important and should be listed in the bibliography/reference section(s) and cited in the paper as appropriate. This paper is due the last day of Module 8.

Requirements (*Please list sections throughout the paper)
Section I: This serves as an introduction to the research paper. Provide an overview of the research design of the paper. Introduce the various topics that will be addressed in the research paper. Identify the method(s) that will be used to collect the data for the topics and how that data will be evaluated.
Section II: There will be a brief discussion of the firm to include its principal goods and services, market share, geographic locations where it operates, and major competitors.
Section III: Evaluate and discuss whether the firm could benefit by using Activity Based Costing (ABC). The discussion should include what factor(s) influenced your decision, the ramifications of implementing ABC in the international business environment, and how you would structure the distribution of costs using ABC for your firm.
Section IV: Evaluate and discuss whether the firm could benefit by using standard costs. The discussion should include what factor(s) influenced your decision, the ramifications of costs, quantity, and variances, and the ramifications of using standard costs in the international business environment.
Section V: Evaluate and discuss how the firm could benefit by analyzing future projects in terms of relevant costs. This discussion should include the firm’s future plans, such as expansion, consolidation, and downsizing, and how relevant costs could be used in decision making.
Section VI: Summary and conclusion(s). The discussion should provide a brief summary of the previous sections, and the conclusions you have reached.

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