Create a wix site

You are a DMO and your area has been severely impacted by COVID 19. You have no plans to close your business. You realize that locals and those from surrounding cities and a few states are now itching to travel. Please go to WIX and create a temporary account in which you will promote a “staycation” experience within COVID19 compliance. Please include the name of your company your destination, prices, excursions, etc. that you will offer.

Hint: You may research destinations to get an understanding of how to comply. It can be in the US or outside but please be sure to include links to the laws, restrictions, or any other important compliance for travelers to be aware or. Remember there are border restrictions so you would have acted as if you are in the area that you select as well as your guests.

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Create a wix site
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You will then post your WIX link here for me to review.

Rubric: Creativity of WIX Site, Pricing, Itinerary, Amenities, Excursions, Meals. Knowledge of subject matter. Proper Format. Ease of Page navigation.

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