Business case, Project plan

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Creating a detailed business case, project
plan, and schedule including use of Microsoft Project (or equivalent), and discussion of other relevant issues

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Business case, Project plan
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Referencing should relay also in Peer view books and articles and solid referencing. the analytical analysis must be showed and be presented all over the assignment
report should therefore focus on the project management aspects including the key risks e.g. loss of money and overrunning its schedule and not meeting the performance requirements expected from a project of this type.
a detailed business case and project plan, and any recommendations to the Project Board that you consider appropriate.
• Project objectives
• Performance Measurement/ Management of quality
• Stakeholder analysis
• Activities to be carried out and scheduling including any milestones: your project plan must include a schedule created with Microsoft Project (MSP) or equivalent.
• Resources to be used including project budget
• Constraints and Risks
• Communications to be used
• Possible success/ failure factors for this project
• Considerations concerning future operations
* Diagrams supporting must be included in the body of the assignment
1. Apply knowledge of the theory and practice of project planning and control and the use of Project Management methods and techniques.
2. Critically evaluate the use of techniques in leading, planning, control and process management.
3. Demonstrate a sound understanding of the importance of Project Management in the development and maintenance of sustainable and global organisations operating in complex market environments
4. Develop knowledge and application of the techniques of estimating, forecasting and resource management
5. Critically appraise project outcomes for the purpose of improvement

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