Acceptance and Acceptance Commitment therapy

The first part is about the explanation of the theoretical concept based on the Academic articles – in this case Acceptance and Acceptance Commitment therapy

Needs to be 3-4 pages long (printed, double spacing, with margins)

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Acceptance and Acceptance Commitment therapy
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Refers to 6-7 sources from professional literature

Clarify terms you use (i.e. explain the meaning of the terms, elaborate, illustrate with examples)

Maintaining academic writing rules when referring to your sources (in the paper itself and in the bibliography at the end of the paper)

Refrain from writing in the first person,& informal language, essay-like writing


Deals with the theoretical concept chosen from the reflective point of view. This part of the essay is not theoretical, but rather includes insights, questions and thoughts of the student as a result of the field experience, address the following questions:
•“What have I learned about human mental health and behaviour?”
•“What have I learned about the therapeutic process?”
•“What have I learned about myself?”

It is important to show a developmental process
If you choose the same topic as you did previously, make sure you show a significant development and new understanding

Discuss questions, dilemmas, difficulty points as well as achievements while trying to answer the question “what have I learnt about myself during the fieldwork/Covid 19 in regard to the term I chose?”

Attention will be paid to the quality of personal introspection & awareness to different aspects from your personal experience
•This part should be 2-3 pages long

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