Reproductive Function

You and a friend are sitting in a local coffee college hangout talking about your friend’s upcoming wedding. Your friend seems rather hesitant and quiet today. He suddenly breaks down and confides in you that he has just been diagnosed with type 2 herpes virus infection. He seems devastated by this news and tells you that he doesn’t know whether or not to tell his fiancé. In one (1) paragraph describe what are the most important implications for this situation?

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Your aunt, with whom you feel very close, tells you that she just had a mammogram that showed a dense area in the right breast and that her physician wants to do a breast biopsy. She asks you what that means and whether she should be concerned. Based on what you have learned, describe in one (1) paragraph what you can and should explain to her.

The use and abuse of the ED drug Viagra is becoming an increasing medical concern. Describe in one (1) paragraph what are some of the issues regarding the use of such erectile dysfunction drugs? What are your opinions about these issues?

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