Jewish culture and healthcare


What do I have to do?
present a poster presentation on culture/spirituality.

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Jewish culture and healthcare
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How am I to present a culture?
The presentation will be a power point that will summarize aspects of the chosen culture. The presentation is to be no more than 20 slides.

What should I include in the poster presentation?
1. Identify the culture you have chosen. Jewish Culture
2. Identify common health problems of that particular culture.
3. Identify health belief practices of your culture (example: what are their thoughts about pain? Do they believe in being medicated for pain? Do they seek help when sick?)
4. Identify possible barriers to health care. (Include how they normally pay for health care)
5. Identify the role of spiritual and religious practices within the culture. Identify the role of religious and/or spiritual leaders within the culture’s community. Identify if they have religious symbols that may play a part in the culture’s health practices. (Example: candles, incense, prayer beads crucifixes, etc.)
6. Identify any legal and/or ethical concerns regarding care of this culture.
7. Identify Culturally Relevant Nursing Care. As the nurse caring for these individuals within their own country or within the American Health Care System, clearly state interventions the nurse would do to provide culturally relevant care.

Resources for preparing your poster presentations
Remember to use authoritative resources in the preparation of your posters. Use creditable resources including peer-reviewed journals and/or textbooks. Try to use resources that are no older than 5 years. Do not use non-creditable online resources such as Wikipedia. Reference a minimum of two (2) research articles, one (2) books, and two (2) web resources. Include a reference list on the last slide of the PowerPoint presentation in APA format.

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