Human Resource- Case Study

1. Explain the main idea of the case and its importance.

2. Explain the important facts from the case (statistics, data, numbers, etc).

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Human Resource- Case Study
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3. Explain the use of any terms or concepts from the book whether explicitly or implied. Also explain the context in which they were used.

4. Explain any statements of bias mentioned in the article.

5. Summarize the purposes of measuring employee performance.

6. Analyze how to effectively address performance problems and concerns with an employee.

7. Describe the importance of using organizational strategies linked to a performance management system.

8. Describe why a legally defensible and effective performance appraisal system is important.

9. Conclusion statement – summarize this case as it applies to this weeks learning objectives.

Grading Rubric:

Extra Credit Point Value – 50 points
APA is required
Minimum 1-2 paragraph response per question
Paragraph is at least 3 sentences, but not more than 10 sentences
Must be on time – late assignments will not be accepted for partial credit, so please do not ask
70% Content and 30% APA (so 35 points for content and 15 points for APA)

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