Academic Paper / History

Write an academic paper which analyzes the following question. To support your thesis, you must use evidence from secondary and primary sources to develop a substantial and historically grounded argument.

Discuss the following:
The European Union is a complex and controversial response to the pressures of globalization. Select one nation inside of the EU as a case study and explore the following topic. What is the European Union and how did it develop? How does it navigate the question of nationalism? What is the experience of your case study inside of the EU and, based on that experience, make an argument either supporting or challenging the European Union.

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Academic Paper / History
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Make sure that your argument is historically substantiated and well-constructed around a central thesis statement. Use both primary and secondary sources in your analysis. All sources must be academic. Do more than summarize the European Union. This question is designed to have you look closely at the at the experience of a member state in a historical framework. Please remember not to use first person in a historical argument. Your paper should have a clear introductory paragraph with a well-developed thesis, body paragraphs of clearly constructed historical evidence to support that thesis, and conclusions which bring in critical analysis.

Sources: To do well on this assignment your focus must be on carefully selected primary source and secondary sources. Background information in textbook may be helpful, but this paper requires outside research. Wikipedia is not an academic source. Both the European Union’s official page and newspaper articles are key here. Be sure to cite your sources as you use them in your paper

Helpful Source:
Primary Source:
and ect..

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