To What Extent Does Cultural Identity Affect Human Interactions?

Guidelines for Cultural Identity Essay


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To What Extent Does Cultural Identity Affect Human Interactions?
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Consult Cultural Identity Materials Folder on Canvas. You must use at least three of those readings in your essay. You can use outside readings as well but they are supplemental.


This topic concerns cultural identity which affects every aspect of our beings. It is said that the “melting pot” theory holds that immigrants who live in this country will quickly give up “motherland” ways in favor of an American value system. However, migrants’ need for familiarity steadily erodes this to the point that their “old” culture becomes more important than adopting a new way to live.

When ethnic enclaves are established, is inter-ethnic communication enhanced? Do rumors and stereotypes increase? Are these perceptions perpetuated by the media? Is it possible for Americans to be more harmonized with each other? How so?

Consider also discussing how people celebrate different cultures by having all types of friends, eating all types of foods, and listening to all types of music.

With all that said, write an essay that answers how this question:

To What Extent Does Cultural Identity Affect Human Interactions?


This essay must be at least five double-spaced pages of typed discussion, plus a works cited page; discuss at least three of our class readings in your essay; first person narratives are permissible so long as you reference our readings to further your points.

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