Reflective Response on Close Reading

Respond to these questions based off the assignment #1 that is attached in the file. Please read assignment #1 essay so that you can understand this assignment

How does “close reading” affect the way we see what is considered true and/or real? Where else can you apply close reading in your life: reading people’s faces/mannerisms, looking closer at digital identities and social media posts, textbooks, cultural manifestations, instruction manuals, recipes, following rules, wearing masks, etc.? Why is a “molecular level read” (looking closer at the minute details of rhetorical strategies) important to us? What does a closer read at the molecular level suggest about authorial intent and audience interpretation? Feel free to respond further rather than just answering these questions. Connect it to other courses you are taking. What’s interesting about the process, what do you find cool about it? What connections did you make? Why should it matter to your life?

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Reflective Response on Close Reading
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I’m taking Intro to Health Careers, and I make connections by learning new skills that is required of me in the future with my profession being in Health Care Administration.

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