Mental Illness Among The Incarcerated

Research Paper Format
• a. Overview of an issue you are examining – include your main assertion or argument (thesis statement)
• b. Offer a short justification – why your readers or target audience should care about your research paper (study importance)
• c. Brief explanation of paper’s scope and planned method to be used in examining your issue
• a. History behind the issue
• b. How this issue impacts society
• c. Critical factors impacting this issue
• d. Possible solutions to be explored in your study
• a. Theories, constructs and concepts (journal articles, textbooks and relevant publications)
o i. Describe related theories used to explain issue or theories used to propose a solution to the issue
o ii. How were concepts or theoretical constructs defined?
o iii. Describe relevance of major theories used to explain the issue
• b. Empirical literature (journal articles)
o i. Overview of relevant empirical studies done to date
o ii. Summary of methodology
o iii. What were the major findings of your study?
o iv. What were limitations raised regarding findings of the study?
• c. Your pathway – based on what you discovered in literature review
o i. Whose concept(s) and definition(s) are you going to borrow or use in your own research (if applicable)?
o ii. Describe unique aspect(s) of issue that you will be examining
o iii. Based on what you read so far, describe method that suits best for your own research
• a. State specific research questions that you are examining
• b. Describe research method – data and information collection process
• c. Justify or provide a rationale – why you chose this specific method
• a. Describe or list major findings
• b. Use tables, charts and graphical illustration to help explain findings
• c. Discuss relevance of findings in light of previous studies
• d. Did any results surprise you? Was there anything that supported previous finding(s)?
• e. What was the main limitation of your study?
• a. A brief recap of issue examined, method used and major finding(s)
• b. Briefly remind readers about original goal of this study and what you accomplished in your research work
• c. Describe how future researchers can expand or build on your work


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Mental Illness Among The Incarcerated
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