Managing Global Cities – Meta-theme paper

Meta-themes Paper
The Meta-themes Paper requires you to bring together material from throughout the term and use it to illustrate what you have learned about the cross-cutting themes of the course. You should be able to complete parts of the Meta-Themes Paper over the course of the term. Please do not wait until the final week to complete it. If you wait until the final week of the term to begin this assignment, you will become overwhelmed and your grade will suffer.
Review the detailed Turnitin instructions (Links to an external site.) on how to submit your assignments and how to review the Grademark comments (feedback) from your professor.
Assignment Expectations:
• The Meta-themes Paper must be uploaded to the Turnitin dropbox no later than Sunday, August 2nd at 11:59pm. There are no extensions on this assignment deadline.
• The Meta-themes Paper is worth 100 points.
• The Meta-themes paper must be formatted as follows:
o Word document
o Cover page with your name, Panther ID, date of submission, course name/number, and semester
o Double-spaced
o Left-justified
o One-inch margins
o 12-point Times New Roman font
o Page numbers in upper-right-hand corner
o Your essay should begin with an introductory paragraph that sets forth your thesis for the essay. Your thesis should identify an important point about the management of global cities that you think is supported by your subsequent discussion of one of the four meta-themes addressed in the course. This paragraph should be about half a page long and is worth 10 points.
o Your essay should end with a conclusion restating your hypothesis and explaining what you think contemporary urban managers should understand about global cities based on your preceding discussion. This paragraph should be about half a page long and is worth 10 points.
o The body of your essay should be comprised of four paragraphs, each about half a page in length. Three of the paragraphs should be based on Readings that address the meta-theme you chose for the essay; be sure to include a brief but meaningful quotation from the Readings in each paragraph. The fourth paragraph should be based on a Case that addresses the meta-theme you chose; be sure to include a brief but meaningful quotation from the Case in this paragraph.
o With the cover page (1), introductory paragraph (1/2), and conclusion (1/2), your paper should run to no more than 4 pages total.
o To cite your sources, place the name of the author of the reading or the name of the case, followed by the page number of the quotation you use: for example, (Butler/Lees, 72) or (VF Brands, 2). Remember that all the references will be to Readings or Cases, so simply use the information from the syllabus for each source you cite; you do not need a reference page. DO NOT USE SOURCES OTHER THAN THOSE PROVIDED IN THE COURSE; DO NOT SEARCH THE INTERNET OR THE LIBRARY FOR ADDITIONAL SOURCES.
• The Meta-Themes Essay must be organized according to the following chart:

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