L’Oréal Internal Factors Evaluation

Please see the attached Research paper already was written and that needs to be corrected and implemented.

Business Strategy and Policy
Assignment #4

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L’Oréal Internal Factors Evaluation
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Perform an Internal Factor Evaluation on your chosen corporation. The critical thing to remember about this analysis is that you should develop a thorough understanding of the factors chosen. Your analysis should include a chart similar to the one shown in Assignment #3 with the notable exception that categories should be “Strengths” and “Weaknesses” instead of opportunities and threats.

You should review Chapter 3, and take a look at the list of firm capabilities for some ideas of where your firm might excel, if you do not know this already. Please remember here that what you are looking to include as strengths are those strategic resources and process that could be considered firm core competencies. That is, you want to include as strengths only those resources and capabilities about which your firm excels, is in a superior position, and/or is superior to rivals in execution. You do not want to include elements about which the exact same thing could be said about rivals.

With regard to weaknesses, it can sometimes be very difficult to find them as firms are not exactly forthcoming with information about what they do poorly. As such, I would prefer that you find two or three good ones, rather than you trying to force weaknesses that aren’t there.


• Do a chart identical to the EFE, except of course that the factors will be internal.
• Choose 8-10 internal factors for analysis (or as many as you can discover).
• Less than Four pages
• Double spaced
• Typed
• For each factor write a paragraph or two as necessary discussing the nature of the factor, how it will impact the firm, and its importance to the future strategy of the firm (i.e., tell me why you assigned the weight and rating score that you did).

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