Genocide Rwanda Reaction Paper

After reviewing all the materials this semester regarding the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, including Left to Tell and the Ghosts of Rwanda Frontline video, you will write a paper discussing your reactions and personal reflection. This paper is to be a minimum of three full pages (two pages and two sentences on a third page does not count), typed double spaced using Times New Roman 12 point font. Discuss your thoughts and feelings about this international tragedy and also use the following guiding questions to help you. Please note that I am not looking for a summary of the book or the events. Be sure to cite any references that you may use on a separate reference page using APA format. Your paper must be written clearly, professionally, in paragraph form and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Guiding questions:

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Genocide Rwanda Reaction Paper
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Why do you think Immaculee decided to forgive? Why might another individual in her same position choose not to forgive? What would you do?

Who do you think is responsible for the genocide? Those who gave the orders? Those who carried out the orders? Those in Rwanda who failed to stop it? Those outside Rwanda who failed to stop it?

Frontline- Rwanda

Frontline provides an excellent account of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide that Immaculee Illibagiza details in her book, Left to Tell. Click on the following link to review the history of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide:

Immaculee Interview
Click on the following link to watch an interview with Immaculee Illibagiza talking about her experience during the genocide and how she found forgiveness.

The Power of Forgiveness – Immaculée Ilibagiza @LEAD Presented By

OR You can also go to the following link to learn more about Immaculee’s work:

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