Creating an Internship for Small Business

Create a small business Internship for a Salon/Spa and retail. The internship can be up to 16 weeks.

Begin with a statement explaining the purpose benefits for Small Business Internship for Salon/Spa. Targeted for someone who has goals to have their own Salon/spa Aveda Retailer.

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Creating an Internship for Small Business
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The services the salon offers are hair (cut, shampoo/condition, perm, color, treatments), waxing (facial and body), facials, massage (body wraps), Nail care (manicures and pedicure).

This business has a website and utilizes call, auto generated text, and email technology to remind
client of appointment. They products and services up to date.

other notes
My recommendation is for you to create an internship rather than “look” for one. This will require you to put together a rough project plan for an internship in area of interest to you AND an area that many organizations have a need/opportunity for you to work. As an example…you could put together a proposal to develop a customer data base on Excel or access that is query ready…so they can use it as a CRM tool to target customers for promotions, etc. You could target HR projects in employee survey work, training manual development, safety audits, etc. You could propose launching a social media effort for a small business that has a web site but no SM presence or effort. Restaurants or small retailers may need customer survey or focus group data/information that can be proposed as a project. Key to this approach is you putting together a strong proposal (or more than one) and then presenting it to businesses that are likely to have that need. So…you are selling your internship idea to a small business. This can be effective because small businesses are unlikely to have an existing internship program or even experience in internships. You are taking responsibility for framing the project that they can accept or modify. If you ask small businesses if they have an internship opportunity they say no…if you present a project and you ask them if they need this work done…they are more likely to say yes or at least consider it. Not for Profit organizations are also an excellent place to “sell” an internship project. There are always many N4P’s in a community and they always need help/expertise.

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