Psy 138 Writing Assignment 5

The purpose of this assignment is to think a bit more about the factors that influence helping. Before you complete the assignment, make sure that you have read Chapter 9 (Links to an external site.) in the text. Then, review the instructions to see how to apply your knowledge

Below are some scenarios in which someone needs help. Read each and indicate what you think the likelihood is that the person would get help, using a scale from 1 (unlikely that they would be helped) to 10 (very likely that they would be helped). Next, identify at one factor that could be changed about the scenario to increase the likelihood that help would be provided. Make sure to justify why this change would make a difference using ideas from the text.

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Psy 138 Writing Assignment 5
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  1. On a bitterly cold day, a young woman struggles to shovel her car out of its parking spot on a busy street. There are a number of pedestrians on the sidewalk and cars passing by who notice her.
  2. A teacher is walking across campus carrying a stack of papers between classes. Bending over to pick up her pen she accidentally drops a large stack of papers she was carrying. At that moment a gust of wind blows the papers all over the sidewalk. Students and passersby watch the papers flying around.
  3. At 1:00 a.m. outside a tavern several men are arguing. Two of the men are shouting loudly at a third man who appears to be backing away from them. The two men move toward the lone man and start waving their arms as he backs up against a wall. A group of people exiting the tavern notice the situation.
  4. In middle of the day a man climbs on the railing of a bridge high above a river. He sits on the railing muttering things to himself. A crowd begins to gather number and motorists stop on the bridge to watch him.
  5. A pedestrian walking along a deserted street notices a man stumbling and falling to the ground where he lies motionless.

The key to a good response is to show that you know the material by providing good explanations. Responses should be roughly 2 typed pages, showing evidence of critical thinking and connection to course material. Make sure to explain your ideas clearly.

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