Essay criminology disobedience

What is this essay about?

In this essay you must write 2500 words about the political possibilities of disobedience
using some case studies from the module, maybe some reflections from your own
observation and you must discuss how far disobedience can be a
resistant practice. The exact wording of the essay question will be down to you.

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Essay criminology disobedience
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Decide on an element/elements of the module you found intriguing and
• Critically evaluate this as a political act – what does it mean for the people who
do it? Why do people do it? Is it illegal? Should it be/not be? What is the CJS
response to this? What does this tell us about society/social justice/social life?
• Is it a form of resistance? What does it resist against?
• Does it have any resistant qualities at all? Is it just malicious/ nuisance/ pointless
activity? Does it succeed as a resistant act? Is no/ if not, why?

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