Unit 1 Assessment – Applying Gardner’s Tasks of Leadership Paper

Specific tasks of leading, managing, and following were detailed in Topic 3 of this unit (See attachment).
Applying these tasks to real or potentially real situations is the goal of this assignment.
Write a paper in paragraph narrative format that lists the tasks as described in Topic 3.
Make separate headings for each task.
Give examples of how you would, as a leader, accomplish these tasks in your current workplace.
Cite barriers to accomplishing these tasks and how you would overcome these.
Use the rubric as a guideline.
No references/citations are required.
Include a cover page in APA style.
Use professional and correct grammar, complete sentences, and correct spelling and punctuation.
The paper should be 3 – 4 pages long.
All papers should have an opening, a body, and a closing.
Openings tell what the paper will be about.
Closings summarize the paper and draw conclusions if indicated.

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Unit 1 Assessment – Applying Gardner’s Tasks of Leadership Paper
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