Explain one of the cases discussed by Nielsen (“The Magistrate and the Threatening Mob” or “The Innocent Fat Man”) and how Nielsen uses this case to defend Utilitarianism. Then state and defend your view on Nielsen’s argument. Your paper must include the following elements:

– a clear and concise explanation of the case you have chosen;
– an explanation of how Nielsen analyzes this case and uses it to defend Utilitarianism;
– a response to Nielsen: Do you agree with his view on how a Utilitarian would respond to this case? Why or why not? You must provide reasons in support of your response to Nielsen

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Additional Guidelines:

– Papers must be submitted electronically through the link on the Canvas course page.
– Essays may not exceed three pages in length.
– Essays must be double-spaced and typed in a reasonable font (e.g., Times New Roman 12 pt.), with 1″ margins on all sides. All pages must be numbered.
– Essays must have an appropriate title, which should be appear on the top of the first page of the essay (do not include a separate title page).
– Proper documentation (using in-text citations) is required for either quotations or paraphrasing ideas from the text. Citations should be include the author’s last name and the appropriate page number (e.g., Singer, p.). For short essays, do not use more than one or two brief quotations. A works cited page is not required.
– Essays must be carefully proofread and edited. Typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical mistakes will affect the grade for the essay.

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