Annotated Bibliographies redo

Example can be found on this link please look at the example before proceeding
please see uploaded files

Aristotle: On Rhetoric Aristotle:Nicomachaen Ethics Aristotle: OnPolitics

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Annotated Bibliographies redo
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MLA-format for Annotated Bibliographies

(from the Purdue OWL and Brad Matthies’ article, modified and with additional information by Laurel Lacroix)

This portion of you Research Project is the analysis of the reporting on your event. Remember that the goal of the Research Essay is not to teach me about the event; it is to teach me about media manipulation. Here, you are, effectively, analyzing the particular aspects of the sources you’ve found with an eye toward your essay. Summarizing or just commenting will not help you with that paper, so use this effectively and efficaciously to move toward your end goal.

There is a sample of this assignment’s product (the prompt was slightly different) on my Learning Web page in the English 1302 folder. I will look at drafts for quick feedback through 11:59p 21 June 2020 if you email them to me as word attachments from your HCC email.

For an annotated bibliography, use standard MLA format for the citations (alphabetical by author’s last name or, if there is no author listed, by the first important word in the title – using the real word for the symbol [i.e.” #2 Blue Dye” would be listed as if it were “Number Two Blue Dye”]). Then include a brief abstract for each entry, including the following, adapted from

Matthies, Brad. “The Psychologist, the Philosopher, and the Librarian: The Information-literacy

Version of CRITIC.” Skeptical Inquirer. May/June 2005, pp. 49 – 52.

1-2 sentences: Claim of the source

What is the claim? Is the source’s presentation of the claim clear and reasonable

or is the language motivationally biased? If so, what are the biases? You may

consider appeals and fallacies as types of biases. Remember that the claim of the

source has something to do with how you are to understand the event, not just the

event itself.

1-2 sentences: Role of the claimant

Is the author clearly identifiable? Can you and have you established her or his

credibility (and how)? Is there any reason to suspect bias on the author’s part

(philosophical, political, religious, cultural)? Where did you find this source and

how does that impact how you value it and its information?

1-2 sentences: Information backing the claim

Is there any? Is it verifiable or anecdotal? How did you go about determining

this? Is the information relevant to the claim and provable? How did you determine this? Can the information be independently verified through

another source not related to this one?

1-2 sentences: Conclusion – what is your conclusion regarding the source? What is its

potential, specific value to your research project?

This is an alphabetical LIST – do no put page breaks or extra returns anywhere. You must complete and turn in 15 entries for this assignment. For each entry less than the number required, your grade for this assignment will be reduced by 10 points. I must be able to view the source, so if it is an electronic source, be absolutely sure to include a functioninghyperlink to the item. If it is a print source (or you want to be sure that I can see the source), turn in a physical copy of the article to me at the beginning of the class meeting the day the assignment is due.

Grade Rubric:

MLA Formatting = 20%

Proofreading = 20%

Bibliographic Entry (content) = 10%

Bibliographic Entry (sequence) = 10%

Annotation (Claim) = 15%

Annotation (Author) = 10%

Annotation (Information) = 10%

Annotation (Conclusion) = 5%

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