Write a bussiness plan for captstone project

1. executive Summary
1.A brief summary that introduces the key concepts (write completion of your plan)
2. final feasibility statement that includes whether this business plan is realistic and should be funded
2. Project Description
1. explain the problem /need for the project due to certain conditions that currently exist
2. description of present situation and summary of exciting conditions
3 what will your project accomplish/descriptions of the new program/ proposed solution
4. feasibility of proposed program within the mission of the organization and purpose of the Microsystem

3. market analysis
1. SWOT/C analysts: explanation of outside forces (competition, regulation, reimbursement and internal forces ( quality’s, cost) that May impact the project( both positive and negatively)
2. (5 Ps of marketing or 5 Ps of Microsystem-not mandatory but may help)

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Write a bussiness plan for captstone project
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4. development of goals and objectives and evaluation metrics
expected outcome need to be achievable
expected outcome need to be measurable
5. Presentation of options
1 option #1 do nothing what would that potentially look like over time
2. option #2 propose solution address anticipated costs and timelines
3 option #3 secondary solution Backup plan

6. financial Model Year one includes startups costs and two budget and cost/benefit analysts
1. budget (summary of staff, materials or commitments
2. Budget revenue generation and how much will this project cost
financial analysts
cost/ benefit analysts
cost-effective analysts

7. implementation
1 key stakeholders
2. who and how the program implemented
3. communication plan
timeline (schedule for implementation (Gantt chart) includes responsible person
feasibility statement and conclusion
10 Appendix

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