Patriarchy, the System.

YOU DO NOT NEED AN INTRODUCTION, THESIS STATEMENT, OR CONCLUSION FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE RESPOND SEPARATELY TO EACH PART OF THE ASSIGNMENT (IN ONE DOCUMENT) AND LABEL YOUR RESPONSES EITHER “PART 1” OR “PART 2.” PART 1: Describe patriarchy as a system according to Allan Johnson’s “Patriarchy, the System.” You are allowed quote a little from Johnson’s “Patriarchy, the System” in your description, but the majority of your description must be in your own words. YOUR RESPONSE SHOULD BE LABELED “PART 1.” IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed to use the Internet, Wikipedia, or ANY dictionary (online or otherwise) to come up with your answer. You are ONLY allowed to reference Johnson’s article called “Patriarchy, the System” or course lectures and notes in your description. Here’s a tip: Allan Johnson doesn’t start fully describing patriarchy until page 93 of the article under the section called “Patriarchy.” YOU MUST READ BEYOND THE FIRST PAGE OF THE ARTICLE to produce an accurate description of patriarchy. YOUR DESCRIPTION OF PATRIARCHY SHOULD NOT REFERENCE ANY CONTENT FROM THE FIRST THREE PARAGRAPHS OF THE ARTICLE. Please do not share your opinion of patriarchy. This assignment asks you to simply read “Patriarchy, the System” by Allan Johnson and provide a description of patriarchy based entirely on the article or class notes (not your opinion). The article “Patriarchy, the System” is on Blackboard under the “Course Materials” link à “Readings (SOC 103)” folder à “Readings for Units 1-7” folder. PART 2: Explain how patriarchy (the system) and your gender identity have affected your life. Consider how patriarchy and your gender identity have affected how you are perceived, treated, and expected to behave/act in society. For instance, how has your identity as a woman identity shaped the way you think about your appearance, or how people treat you, or what others expect of you, or how you interact with others, or other aspects of your experience (family life, work life, etc.)? YOUR RESPONSE SHOULD BE LABELED “PART 2.” Other important information—PLEASE READ ALL CONTENT BELOW: Your responses to Part 1 and Part 2 must be a combined minimum of 625 words, typed and double-spaced, with 1” margins, page numbers, and standard-size font (e.g., 12pt Calibri or Times New Roman). If you quote directly from an article, please use quotation marks and provide an in-text citation with the author’s last name and the page number where the quote was retrieved. For example, if you quoted from page 29 of Allan Johnson’s “Patriarchy, the System,” the in-text citation would look like this: (Johnson 29). If you copy words directly from a PowerPoint slide, you must include quotation marks and provide an in-text citation that includes Prof. Gross’s last name, like this: (Gross). You are allowed to quote from the lectures/PowerPoints or from Johnson’s “Patriarchy, the System,” but this should be minimal. No more than 10-12% of your assignment should be quoted content from any source (including PowerPoint slides). If I look at your assignment and I mostly see my words that you copied from a PowerPoint slide or Johnson’s words, you will receive a grade penalty or a zero. You need to show me that you understand the material by using your own words.

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