Individual Human rights power point presentation

Create a 5 minute youtube video presentation

You are a world leader with unlimited power and budget.
A. CREATE (A UNIQUE ORIGINAL IDEA THAT DOES NOT ALREADY EXIST…BE CREATIVE!) 1 topics/policy/law/strategy/best practice that you will bring your country greater equality and promote global human rights.
B. Discuss why and how there is a current problem.
C. Show research data backup up your claim (i.e. child labor increases mortality rates by 25% based on World Health Organization data)
D. Propose a solution (i.e. all children must attend school daily until the age of 16)
E. Show research on why you feel this solution may work (i.e. students who go to public school up to the age of 16 have an 80% increased chance of attending college. )
F. Discuss the potential risks of your solution.
G. Discuss why the risk is worth the potential reward.

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Individual Human rights power point presentation
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CLO:1Understand the tradeoffs involved in promoting some human rights over others, and the necessity of making such choices when deciding on how resources are devoted to addressing human rights.
CLO 2: Have a basic understanding of how international human rights law is created and enforced, including the role of governments, NGO’s, and individual actors in that process.
CLO 3: Understand the benefits and weaknesses of three main tools used to address human rights abuses after they have occurred, namely: trials, truth commissions, and reparations.
CLO 4: Understand and be able to describe and defend her or his own perspectives on the appropriate role of human rights laws and policies in the international world order.

**Please create a PowerPoint and if possible a script that I could use as I will be narrating this assignment for about five minutes** At least 3 slides

This means to include an introduction, the content, and a conclusion.
Avoid being so technical that people can’t understand you.

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