Immigration and asylum seeker reforms

A problem/solution paper both argues for why a particular problem is a problem and proposes a logical, workable solution for that problem. Choose a universal, or universally familiar, problem. Explain the issue in the format of a problem/solution paper. First, give some background to the issue. Then, define the problem with enough clarity and specificity to garner interest and understanding from readers who are unfamiliar with the issue. Propose a solution to the problem that is both logical and possible. Offer evidence to support the solution. My proposed topic is immigration and asylum seeker reform. So many people travel to the United States envisioning the American Dream, hoping to escape extreme poverty, gang violence and governmental unrest. In a country built by immigrants, better processes should be created giving these asylum seekers opportunities to prove their cases and not have to flee their country. By having better reforms, asylum seekers are less likely to fall victim to human trafficking and gang violence.

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Immigration and asylum seeker reforms
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