Creating a Grant Proposals for Early Childhood Education


For this Assessment, you will research and apply for a grant to support an early childhood program you identify. You may develop a grant proposal for a grant you choose or from one of the sources listed below.

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Creating a Grant Proposals for Early Childhood Education
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Part I: Funding Needs in Context

Write a 3-page paper that includes the following: 

  1. Imagine you are a program director at a facility in your community. Write a description of an early childhood program that will serve as the context for this Assessment and one need the program has that could be effectively addressed by targeted funding.

Note: This description must include relevant information about the children and families served by the program (i.e., the ages of children, their cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and socioeconomic status).

***My community is Atlanta, Georgia inner city*** diverse social and economic setting. I would like this program to focus on the physical and cognitive development of youth in my community. Program name: Created Kids Learning and Development Center.***

  1. An explanation of who is affected, why it is important to address the need, and how the funds obtained from the grant will be used to contribute to positive social

Part ll: Evaluating Sources of Grant Funding

Write a 2-page paper that includes the following:

  1. An annotated list of at least three grant sources that align with the program for which you would like to seek funding
    Note:Include a brief description of the elements in each source’s proposal guidelines or application (i.e., population to be served, goals and objectives, evaluation, budget, plan of action, and staffing requirements).
  2. A comparison of the sources in light of the identified need from Part I
    Note:Identify the source that is best aligned to the need you identified and explain your thinking.

Part lll: Grant Application

Complete a grant application of your choice or complete one of the grant applications provided with this Work Product. Submit a copy of your grant application

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