Short essay paper

Select one of the rumors treated at length (not just briefly mentioned) in our Chapter 13 readings. Be sure to give adequate description of the rumor. Use Knapp’s classifications (page 458, small print at bottom of page), to (1) classify the rumor, and (2) explain why it was successful in terms of being accepted as truth.

You will be synthesizing the information from Knapp and the information on the rumor from the other essay you have chosen.

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Short essay paper
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This is a short assignment, about 500 words (not counting the Works Cited page). Note: You will have 2 sources (but 3 entries) on the Works Cited page. See #33 (handbook) for the correct model for your entries.

This short assignment will not be graded as an essay using the essay rubric because it is not an essay. This is comparable to the “journal” writing you may have done in English 1010. I will, however, return the paper with comments about significant issues. You are still required to use MLA documentation with at least 3 citations and Works Cited page. Proofread for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.

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