Policy Alternatives #3

Goals of Assignment

The goal of assignment #3 is to generate Policy Alternatives from which to compare and recommend a solution.

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Policy Alternatives #3
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  1. Review any resources on iCollege and review Chapter 3 of the Meltzer and Schwartz book related to the second step in the basic policy analysis process. You should have already gathered some information in the last two assignments.


  1. You should provide at least four alternatives, including a “no build” (3+1).


  1. Write an summary focusing on Alternative Policies, and answering or addressing the following questions with as much detail as possible:


  • What policy alternatives are offered by the clients?
  • Describe your method to develop alternatives. How does it compare to steps in M&S?
  • Describe in detail the alternatives you propose.
  • To which stakeholder(s) does each alternative apply?
  • Do you need to revise your Problem Definition in light of your Alternatives?



Deliverable #3

Your analysis should address all the questions posed above and provide an informed set of Alternatives.  It should be organized in three (3) sections with an introduction, text addressing policy alternative questions, and a bulleted list of alternatives.


The project alternatives draft is due Sunday July 5 not later than 11:59pm.

This draft paper should not be more than two (2) pages.  It should consist of a write up of not more than two (2) pages (1 inch margins, 11-12pt font, single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs). This should include proper referencing as needed. (10 pts)



Grading will be based on the quality of the writing: the thoroughness, clarity, coherence, and conclusions. Emphasis will be on how the information is selected, prioritized and presented, including:


  • Were instructions followed?
  • Did you read and research, properly cite the supporting sources?
  • Completeness and thoughtfulness of answers
  • Quality of work: Good organization using sections.
  • Late work loses points.

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