Make argument about Robinson’s argument.

Make argument about Robinson’s argument.


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Make argument about Robinson’s argument.
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Directions for Robinson’s “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”


  • We’re watching this video to practice discussing and analyzing the effectiveness of particular arguments (in this case Ken Robinson’s argument that schools are killing creativity). Watch the video with an eye towards how Robinson constructs and develops his argument. You will discuss how Robinson is making his argument and whether or not his argument is effective.
  • Minimum 270 words.


Source needed(video):




  1. Write a post in which you make an argument about whether or not Robinson’s argument is effective. To support your case that Robinson’s argument is effective you have to bring our attention to two specific things Robinson does/techniques he uses to make his argument effective (or not effective, if you’re arguing his argument is bupkis). Explain how those techniques you point to are working to help him create an effective (or ineffective) argument. Essentially, you’re making an argument about Robinson’s argument.


Some things you might discuss in this post, just to name a few: the sort of evidence he brings to bear in his argument and how he uses that evidence; appeals he makes to ethos, logos, or pathos; his use of humor.



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