Argumentative synthesis

This is an argumentative synthesis.

You must identify your research topic and get approval from your instructor.

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Argumentative synthesis
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Choose a topic from “Research Activities” at the end of Chapters 9, 10, 13, 14, or 15. If you do not find something in “Research Activities” that you want to use, you can develop your own research topic as long as it is based on the general subjects we have studied: Obedience, Parenting, Rumors, Fairy Tales, or Advertising. In order to get approval for your topic, develop a research question similar to the questions in “Research Activities.”

If you are using one of the “Research Activities,” please tell me the topic # and page # when asking for approval.

Remember this is an argumentative research paper. Your thesis should clearly state the argument you are making.

See the Weekly Schedule for the date by which you must get your instructor’s approval.

The research paper should be 1200-1500 words. Use at least 4 outside sources (in addition to any of the essays in our textbook that you choose to include) and include at least 6 citations. Only one of those citations can be a block quote. At least 3 of the citations must be paraphrases. Remember – approval of your topic is the first step.

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