The Problem With Body Positivity by Kelly Devos

I already have my outline researched completed all It needs to be done to composite in to an argumentative Essay. Also with relevant sources already. This essay needs to states that I would agree with the author article base on the research conducted.
Researched Argument Essay Instruction

Learning Objectives:

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The Problem With Body Positivity by Kelly Devos
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You will compose argument essay
You will demonstrate research skills
You will analyze information
You will apply information from credible sources
You will examine multiple or alternative perspectives

Read the Article published in The New York Times:
The Problem with Body Positivity by Kelly DevosPreview the document

After reading the article and researching on your own on this topic,take a stand and make an argument based on the following prompt:
Essay Prompt:

Do you agree with the author that body positivity could potentially be as harmful to a person’s health as diet culture? For this question I would agree
Use examples from the article or your own observations to support your answer.


Essay text: 3 pages
Title pagePreview the document and a separate References pagePreview the document in APA documentation style
All total: 5 Pages
three credible, relevant, and current sources (you may use the above report as one source) must be used in the essay
You MUST use data and statistics (numbers) in your essay to prove your point
Personal experiences or experiences of someone you know and who has experience with this issue
Alternative or Opposing Point of View (OPV) must be identified, acknowledged, and addressed and, when necessary, need to be refuted

Please note that Argumentative Essay needs to follow
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCritical Social Awareness
The argument brings to light a relevant and current social issue and enhances awareness. The argument demonstrates critical thinking and includes multiple perspectives and Opposing POV. The argument identifies a social problem and proposes action to remedy it.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePurpose
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFocus
Writer’s position/argument is clearly stated in a Thesis Statement and good reason provided for the argument. Essay is focused on the Thesis Statement. Essay includes evidences and examples that support the argument presented in Thesis Statement.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeResearch & Sources
Writer demonstrates skills in researching, exploring, and using information from relevant, credible, and scholarly sources.
The essay flows smoothly from the introduction to conclusion. Essay is supported by credible and relevant evidence and examples. Essay addresses alternative or opposing point of view
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA Documentation
APA documentation style is correctly utilized for parenthetical in text citation and in references page.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClarity
Essay can be easily read. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are evident throughout the document.

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